Telephonic Marketing

Telephonic Marketing Service.

Telephone marketing is an another marketing way where you reach your message or offers about your company directly to the the customers mobile through call or sms, Here you don't need to make an ad where you don't know who is your customer and that ad will be sent to everyone, so here the money is wasted for advertising to non-target audience. In telephone marketing all you have to do is get the data of your targeted audience or your existing customer's phone number and we will help you in marketing of your service of product directly to the mobile phone through voice call broadcasting sms broadcasting and missed call alert to get enquiry.

Telephone Marketing is the most effective marketing and it has conversation rate because our offer reaches directly to their message inbox or through the call So their is the high possibility of clicking the CTA in message or contacting back and we will do it with our effective and unique strategy.


Telephonic Marketing Ways


Voice Call Broadcasting


SMS Broadcasting


Miss-Call Alerts

Advantages of Telephone marketing:

  • • High Conversation Rate.

  • • Reach your offer or message directly to the phone through SMS or Voice Call.

  • • Increase Leads through Missed call alert option.

  • • SMS Automation for Continue sales.

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